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Fail TO Fab

Business processes to stop the crazy and start the calm- saving you 10-15 hours each week.

What we do

Hi, I’m Tara. I help action-takers like you create a vision for your business, mold it, test it, implement it and transform it into reality. Like me, most of my clients have busy lives. They want to run a business, not be run by a business. As an industrial engineer, consultant, business coach, and mother of three, I also live in chaos. But as my husband says, I “get shit done.” I can show you how to do the same without working 27 hours a day.


Businesses going in circles? Having clarity moves your entire company in the same direction- fast. Knowing who you are, who you serve, how you serve them, (and how you don’t) is the foundation for finding and amplifying your value.

2 Month Vacation

Can you take 2 months off and not worry a moment about your business?  This suite of tools, classes, and services move you towards that goal with mindsets, processes, and rituals that help you repeat, improve, and offload in ways that make sense. 


Creating a framework for your marketing means you’re not reinventing the wheel each day, guessing what your customers want. Instead you have a repeatable, predictable system that you can play with and improve. 

Latest Work

Are you getting excited at the prospect of more ‘you’ time’?  The team at Fail To Fab has been working on some amazing courses meant to be consumed in 20 minutes or less bits so anyone can find the time to work on optimizing their businesses even if they have less than no time, a tub of dirty dishes to wash, and 57 things to do in the next two days.

From Our Clients

Check out the lovely things people are saying… and I didn’t even have to pay them to!

“I was all over the place with my business. Too many ideas, too many talents, offering too many services and spreading myself thin. Tara helps me stay on point. Our weekly sessions are amazing.”

Vanita Cyril

CEO, Cyril & Co. Inc.

“The tools Tara brought in really helped me see where things stop, where things could be better, for me, it really helped me see where I could be better for our employees and how we, as upper management could be better for the company.”

Graziella Bullaro

COO, David Flatt Inc.

“Tara has literally blown my mind.  Despite being in business for years, I never thought of looking at my business from the perspective and problems of my customers.  Tara taught me a simple process that will pay dividends!”

Lesley Elder

Owner, My Seahorse Jewelry

“Tara helped me create literally, the GPS for my business. It helped give me clarity in a way of seeing the big picture, but also gave me a blueprint for the details that actually gets the work done. Tara is personal, professional, and that rare mix of book-smart and street-smart intelligence.  Exactly the on-demand wisdom I needed to move my business forward.”

Rose-Anne Uwage

CEO, Light A Fire

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