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Without Clarity, You’re Missing Out On These…

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Clarity | 0 comments

Three Key Things You’re Missing Out On Without Clarity

Have you ever seen a group of kids who’ve never been in a canoe before try to paddle somewhere?

They’re all over the place.  They zig, they zag, they often go in circles before they either figure it out and start talking to each other or they tire out and make their way back to shore. 

While it can be hilarious if you’re on the shore watching, it can be a really frustrating experience from inside the canoe. 

Clarity or a lack thereof does that for your business.  When everyone and all your messaging and systems are on the same page, pulling in the same direction, you get to your destination quickly. 


If no one is talking to each other, and one paddle is going this way, and another that way, you just end up in circles.  

Much like what happens to your business when your messaging, brand identity, marketing channels, and services don’t fully align.  

You end up doing a lot of work with little return. 

And with that, here are the three things you’re missing out on if you haven’t nailed down with ultimate clarity who your customer is, what problems you can solve for them, and the promise you can make to solve their problem: 

Strategic Decision Making

This is by far the biggest advantage.

Where and how do you market?

  • Are you selling cosmetics that will get one noticed to 20-year-olds? Facebook is probably not the place you want to spend your marketing time, effort, or money. 
  • Are you looking to help newly retired people sort their finances? TickTock is probably not your friend. 

From the colors, images, platforms, messaging, and the user experience of your company, having ultimate clarity makes it so you don’t spend weeks or months antagonizing over every decision you have to make. 

What to Say Yes and No to

Let’s say you’re a contractor that specializes in kitchen renovations in historic homes. 

Someone comes at you with a proposal to do 10 renovations in a new subdivision.  That’s an easy no. 

It’s quick money now for a harder time later because that work could cheapen your brand and also mean that you are missing out on target jobs and target opportunities.  

Or an even less obvious one…

Someone asks you to be a guest on their podcast on antique home finishes and their audience is mostly other contractors.  Those other contractors aren’t your customers BUT you’re positioning yourself as an expert and can use that podcast as a marketing tool for yourself, what do you do? 

It should be an easy yes because the time investment for what you’ll be able to pull out of it in marketing to your actual customers is a great ROI. 

Curate Your To-Do List 

If you’re like me, your to-do list is littered with 523 different items for myself, my business, my family, and my friends.

But some of those things I’m juggling are glass balls and some of them are plastic. 

If I drop a plastic ball, it will just bounce and no babies will die in the process.

Other things are glass and if they get dropped, something breaks.

Having clarity means that you always know which balls are glass on your to-do list and which are plastic.  You know which ones can hold off, be delegated, or just ignored and which ones absolutely must get done for your business to be profitable and your kids don’t go hungry. 

Clarity Sounds Simple, But it Can Be A Challenge To Nail Down

I’m not going to lie.  I struggled with this for ages because I can help people and businesses in so many different ways AAAANNNNDDDD….I have shiny object syndrome where the thing I’m working on in my life is the newest and most exciting one that catches my eye until the next thing comes along 22 minutes later. 

I’ve also watched as the tens of dozens of companies that I’ve worked with one-on-one over the years struggled to get traction because of a lack of clarity and struggled to pay employees or to get new customers.  So I know the struggle, intimately. 

That’s why I created the Ultimate Clarity Code Framework, the only framework that walks you through how to build a Clarity Statement that can drive your business to Profit-town, but also shows you exactly how to use that clarity to make strategic decisions and pair down that mile-long to-do list even if you run three companies, and have three different kids in three different pandemic schooling situations. 

Grab your copy here and you’ll get all the video modules, a 44 page workbook that not only guides you towards your own clarity but also as a reference and user manual for your very own Clarity Code once you create it.

You got this!

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